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RHA Announces CL2 Planar: The World’s First Wireless Planar Earphones

In what RHA has called a labour of love, the RHA CL2 Planar is a technological marvel. Favoured for their detailed, distortion-free sound, planar drivers are expensive and difficult to manufacture – and thus are a rare animal to find in the wild. In fact, the RHA CL2 Planar is the world’s first wireless-enabled audio device with planar drivers.

The Bluetooth neckband cable. Image: RHA

Planar drivers have usually been the domain for expensive, large, open-backed wired studio headphones, but RHA isn’t the first to shrink the technology down to earphone-sized levels. And it wasn’t easy: RHA has shrunk the technology down into a ten-millimetre driver enclosure, which contains a 16-micrometre (0.016mm) diaphragm and planar coil suspended between two magnetic fields.

These are all contained within a 10mm driver, which is further enclosed in a futuristic, injection-moulded zirconium dioxide enclosure. A form of ceramic, this material is highly scratch-resistant and rigid and transmits audio efficiently, straight into your ear.

The zirconium dioxide cases on the CL2 Planar. Image: RHA

The CL2 Planar will come with a large assortment of cables and accessories to ensure the best fit for its price. In the box will be a regular braided 3.5mm oxygen-free copper cable, a silver-coated balanced Ag4x cable with a 2.5mm termination, an aptX-compatible MMCX Bluetooth 4.1 neckband with up to 12 hours of wireless audio. The neckband has a three-button universal remote and receives a full charge by USB-C in 1.5 hours. There’s also a wide array of ear tips arranged neatly on RHA’s trademark premium-feeling metal card. There’s also a soft case to keep your precious gadget safe in transit.

The accessories on the RHA CL2 Planar. Image: RHA

The CL2 Planar is available in Singapore at an MSRP of SGD 1,588 at authorised retailers. Between 22nd to 25th November 2018, the earphones can be had at SGD 1,428 at the Portable Audio Zone (Booth 5D01C, Singapore Expo Hall 5) at Sitex 2018.

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