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Review: TrackR pixel helps you keep track of your things

I’m sure you’ve seen the online advertisements for TrackR products helping you find your misplaced keys, but they actually do a bit more than being just a tracking sensor for your house keys.

TrackR has a range of tracking products and the TrackR pixel is the most affordable – you can in fact buy them in bundles of three and five units or more! The pixel basically the TrackR bravo but in a plastic rather than metal case. This makes it a bit less durable than the bravo, but it is still tough enough for everyday use. The pixel is available in four colours that fit over a grey central section, and the rear panel is removable to access the device’s battery. Power is provided by one CR2016 lithium battery – which is commonly used for aircon remote controls, and will last at least a year.

Setting up the TrackR pixel to your phone is quite simply a matter of pairing over Bluetooth and then syncing to the TrackR app on your smartphone.

The app enables users to sync multiple TrackR devices so thatr you can attach pixel units to your bag, skateboard, bicycle and more. Each tracking unit appears in the app with a map so you know the general location and general distance to and from the pixel to about 100m.

Simply tap on the app and you can activate the TrackR pixel to flash and sound an alert, making finding your keys on a messy desk quite simple. The TrackR app is also fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can simply ask you phone where your keys are.

Now that’s not all that the pixel does, and if you’ve done the reverse – misplaced your phone in your office, you can hold down a switch on the pixel that will cause your smartphone to ring in a unique tone, even when you’ve left your smartphone in silent mode.

You can also customise it to not alert you in certain areas – for example I always leave my keys in a drawer at my living room, so when the App detects its in my house’s WiFi zone it turns off the alert system. Finally there’s a Crowd Locate feature that I was skeptical about until I happen to pass an area on a bus and my phone came within Bluetooth range of someone’s TrackR equipped product that was registered as missing – I received a brief message that the app had found something and was going to alert the owner his device was found!

Overall if you tend to misplace or lose your gear the TrackR pixel makes pretty good sense, and the product is now available online for S$38.



Shawn Chung
The Editor

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