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Naughty Dog’s latest game has finally hit the shelves and we’ve got the review. Is The Last of Us an amazing, engaging and beautiful journey through post-apocalyptic America? Is it the perfect farewell to the PS3, or just another reason to look forward to next gen?



The Last of Us is a game which players will fondly reminisce about many years from now. It isn’t perfect, but it is nevertheless a masterpiece; I’ll say it straight away. With a story as captivating as anything on the big screen (or perhaps more fittingly, on AMC’s The Walking Dead); exciting, original and clever gameplay; and with a campaign that will last you a good 20 hours, Naughty Dog has done it again. I am a huge fan of the Uncharted series, but even so, I must admit that the developer’s new outing is leaps and bounds ahead of Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting adventures. The Last of Us is likely the last PS3 game I play before I dive head first into next gen, and I can’t imagine a better way to send it off.



Cordyceps is a very real variety of jungle-dwelling fungus, which infects a variety of insects and turns them into mindless zombies. The insects climb to a high place, settle down, and die, before a mushroom sprouts from their bodies and releases spores to infect others. In the last of us, a species of Cordyceps has evolved the ability to infect humans. Unlike the peaceful insects which go somewhere to die, the human victims become aggressive and violent.


Life ain’t easy

 The game tells the story of Joel, a middle aged man who has been tasked with transporting a 14 year old girl named Ellie across America, 20 years after the Cordyceps fungus tears civilization apart. At this point, humans live in the relative safety of quarantine zones, while the countryside is overgrown and overrun with bandits and the infected. Even in the quarantine zones, life is harsh. Homes are raided and checked for infection on a regular basis (which may put you in front of a firing squad), food is scarce and a guerrilla war is being fought behind the scenes between the military, who are still ruling under martial law, and the Fireflies, a group of rebels who want to see a proper government reinstated.


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