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Review: Sony MDR-XB510AS Earbuds – Boost Your Workout With Extra Bass

So many choices, so little time! But the Sony XB510AS is vying for your attention with impactful sound that motivates you.

Build Quality and Design

The new Sony XB510AS is gender-neutral and comes in four different shades. Its rubber cord is pretty long (around 160cm) and plugs in to your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack/adapter. It comes with 3 different sizes of tips and rubber hooks that serve as stabilisers, keeping the earbuds in your ear while you commute (or work out).

The earbuds themselves are pretty big. They chassis is cylindrical in shape and as a result, they jut out just a bit too much from my ears, when I wear them.

The earbuds also come with a quick-drying bag. Because, you know, workouts can be sweaty affairs.

Performance and Features


The XB510AS, being designed for sportsmen, is water resistant and constructed of a durable type of plastics and rubber. I got a used demo set and (being paranoid) I washed them thoroughly before using them. No problems there! They survived that and will survive your jog home under the rain too.

It also comes with an inline mic with just one multi-function button. It doesn’t come with volume control buttons so it will work with both Apple and Android smartphones.


The XB510AS is pretty comfortable to wear for a few hours, but beyond that, my ear canals will start to feel some discomfort. But it’s not so painful to the point that I have to take it off.

Sound Quality

For its price, the XB510AS sounds pretty good! I was listening for that ‘extra bass’ that Sony promised and yes, it was there. Bass is indeed very deep and was capable of a hefty extensions. Rihanna’s ‘This Is What You Came For’ had a nice bounce to its beats while her vocals remained clear and well defined. You’ll also enjoy great stereo separation commendable sound-staging.

However, the XB510AS did have a noticeable bias for bass and mids. The upper-registers didn’t register as much compared to what you can get from IEMs. As a result, there were some details in my music that were very soft, or even missing.


It’s S$69! That’s a pretty good price for a pair of water-resistant earbuds with sonic muscles like these.


If you’re in the market for low-cost, high performance sports buds, the Sony XB510AS deserves a place at the top of your list.

Build Quality and Design (Wireless Earphones)

  • Pros: Gender-neutral design with four different colours to choose from. Long rubber cord with generic 3.5mm audio connector. 3 different sizes of tips and rubber stabilisers to get the best fit. Comes with a quick-drying bag.
  • Cons: Pretty big and sticks out of ears a bit too much.

Score: 4/5 (26.64%)

Performance and Features

  • Pros: Water resistant and durable build quality for sports. Comes with an inline mic with a multifunction button.
  • Cons: Does not come with volume control buttons for both Apple and/or Android devices.

Score: 2/3 (22.2%)


Score: 4/5 (26.64%)

Final Score: 7.5/10

Aaron. T.
Aaron's dream is to meet the celestial man in the sky who blessed him with huge ears, and shake his hand with a big smile. His typical day is split between getting Rekt on Battlefield 1 and making exciting YouTube reviews at www.youtube.com/loudwirelesssingapore

3 thoughts on “Review: Sony MDR-XB510AS Earbuds – Boost Your Workout With Extra Bass

  1. Deepanshu sharma

    Are they good for running sessions you said they stick out a little from the ears so do they fall out while running ?

  2. I bought them with no expectations at Sydney Airport, because I forgot mine at home before a flight. I switched from my AKG pair to them, and the only thing I miss are the volume controls

  3. giampiero

    il suono è buono,avvolgente quasi come quello di una cuffia, ma un poco di enfasi in più sulle frequenze che riguardano i piatti della batteria non avrebbe guastato,inoltre mancano un po in definizione ma in rapporto al prezzo non sono male. inizialmente le voci sono leggermente nasali, ma è cosa che scompare dopo un’utilizzo di una decina di ore.
    ottimo isolamento e comodità,non le uso per correre,tuttavia,quando mi è capitato di fare brevi corse per prendere i mezzi pubblici, non si sono mosse per nulla,si possono usare tranquillamente per parecchie ore

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