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Review: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Earbuds – Lotsa’ Juice and Sweet Sound


Sennheiser’s new Momentum In-Ear Wireless are the best that they have built thus far. People tend to pay more attention if you have a brand heritage as strong as Sennheiser’s, and Sennheiser claims this to be the final word on wireless earbuds for the price! But is this enough to make music lovers bite? Let’s find out.  

Build Quality and Design

Spotting those shiny metal faceplates, the tiny M2 Wireless buds looks like a pair of jewels just waiting to nestle in your ears. The dynamic drivers sit in a machined stainless-steel housing that’s lightweight and beautiful. I also love the cable which comes in a matching combination of red and black. (Extra points for those being my favourite colours!)

Most wireless earphones have their batteries in the buds, but Sennheiser decided on a neckband design that makes it possible to have a far larger battery without the cumbersome weight. They’ve also built all music/call and volume controls in the left side of this neckband. The neckband will also vibrate to provide tactile feedback when you switch the earbuds on or off, and when a call comes in – useful for when you’re not wearing the earbuds!

Indeed the neckband is fairly lightweight and nicely contoured, so that it feels like it’s barely touching your skin! Add to that, there’s padding underneath wrapped in sheepskin leather for that extra lush. It is also possible to connect the neckband to your computer or music-player via USB for direct play.

Sennheiser provided no information about its water-resistance so I wouldn’t go so far as to use it for high-intensity sports, but maybe just for light exercises or indoors training.

The Momentum Wireless comes with a set of ear tips for better fit, a USB cable for charging and a very flat case that slips easily into any briefcase.

Performance and Features

CapTune App

For the full Sennheiser Experience, you could use Sennheiser’s CapTune App as your main music player. It could take music from your stored library, or from the Tidal music streaming service. The app will work with Sennheiser’s current crop of Momentum/HD headphones and earbuds.

In the App, you’ll find EQ presets and manual settings, and a sleek music player with a customisable background. It even has a way of optimising the sound you’re getting from the Earbuds called ‘Soundcheck’.

Sadly, the App didn’t feel quite essential at all. All EQ settings are only saved in the App, and not in the earbuds. So when you’re using the M2s with other apps it reverts to its default sound signature.

Sound Quality

Probably the biggest reason to get the M2 In-Ears? Its sound quality. For the price, it is simply top notch! While other earbuds tend to sound more dry and analytical, the M2s have a warm and sweet sound signature which added more weight and presence to my music. ‘Young and Beautiful’ by Lana Del Rey had much more gravitas, yet retaining important vocal clarity. Wind instruments glowed in an airy background while Lana crooned her despondent lyrics into life. 

The earphones are also endowed with a lot of sonic headroom. Bass drops had a full kick that very few wireless earbuds could manage, and highs sounded pristine and effortless. Overall, an enjoyable performance that the M2s managed with flair.

Would it replace a pair of full-sized headphones? Hardly. Though the M2 Wireless In-Ears had great track separation and sound staging for a pair of ‘buds, much of the action was still taking place between my ears and not as lifelike as full-sized cans. Despite that, these M2 In-earbuds are a seriously tough act to follow!


These actually are pretty comfy to wear, since the ear tips are made of silicon as smooth as skin and not your typical rubber. They stayed in place quite well, but does slip out a bit if your ears got too damp. 

The neckband is lightweight and I barely noticed its there after a while. The only gripe I have it that it bounces on my neck collarbone a lot when I run with it.

Battery Life

The M2 In-Ears have a 10-hour stated battery life which is already great but I actually got out 18 (solid) hours and 40 minutes! That was from looping music over Bluetooth and at 50% volume, by the way. Much credit goes to that neckband getting stuffed to the brim with juice!


it’s Bluetooth 4.1 connection is as reliable as they come. My phone stayed tethered to it when I was walking around my living room, and even from slightly more than 10m, line of sight.

For watching videos, it is generally okay save for that barely noticeable AV-Sync delay. Otherwise, I have nothing to complain about the M2’s Bluetooth.

The M2 Wireless In-Ears also support NFC for quick pairing. (Supported Android phones only.)


S$299 is reasonable for its sterling sound, fetching design, reliable Bluetooth, and great single-charge battery life. Even comparing against other feature-rich products like the Jaybird Freedom and the Bose SoundSport Wireless, the M2 Wireless In-Ears is great value for audiophiles who want something reliable and lustworthy.

So here’s the final tally:

Build Quality and Design (Wireless Headphone)

  • Pros:  Beautiful, jewelry-like design with machined stainless steel housing. Majority of electronics including buttons, battery and USB port located in a neckband that’s lightweight and wrapped in sheepskin leather. Neckband vibrates to provide tactile feedback for phone calls. A few different sizes of ear tips are provided for the best fit.
  • Cons: No information about water-resistance so will have to assume that it’s not.

Score: 4/5 (26.64%)

Performance and Features

  • Pros: CapTune App functions as a music player with Tidal streaming support. EQ presets and manual settings available, and even optimises the earbuds to your ears using the Soundcheck feature. Awesome sound quality that is uncommon in wireless earbuds of the same price point. Pretty comfortable to wear with silicon tips that are soft and smooth like skin. Neckband is lightweight and barely noticeable after a while. Battery life is excellent at a cool 10 hours on paper,  but got out more than 18 hours from actual use. Bluetooth connection is very reliable and comes with NFC paring support.
  • Cons: Custom EQ settings are saved in the CapTune App only and not on the earbuds. Barely noticeable AV Sync delay. Neckband bounces around when running with the earbuds.

Score: 7/10 (23.31%)


Score: 3/5 (19.98%)

Final Score: 7/10

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