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Review: The Sonically Amazing Sennheiser CX 7.00 BT

At first glance the new Sennheiser CX 1.00 BT earbuds looks very similar to the premium Momentum Wireless M2s. It’s got the same distinctive neckband, but now with a more attractive price point. Will these ‘buds get me warm under the collar? Let’s find out.

Build Quality and Design

Keeping to its more afordable point, the CX 7 ditches the premium leather accents and metallic finish of the M2s. Instead, it’s almost entirely constructed of polycarbonates. Yet for this reason, the CX 7s also feel lighter, a plus if you need to wear it for hours.

Much of the electronics is cramped inside the slimline neck band. The Micro-USB charging port, and all the music, pairing and volume control buttons on the left side. The dedicated music pause/play button can also activate Siri or Google Now voice assistants. All four buttons are easily within reach and have never failed on me.

Though shamelessly plastic, the neckband feels substantial enough and sports a smooth matte finish with deep blue accents. The logos are laser cut into the band instead of simply being printed on, which is a nice touch.

But if you’re a sports buff on a swivel for something to clang some iron with, the CX 7s aren’t really optimised for that. With a loose-hanging neck band and lacking any form of weatherproofing, you’d be hard-pressed to pound your evening tracks with these.

The earbuds come with a cloth bag instead of a hard carry case like the M2s. Three sizes of ear buds are also included for optimal fit, but what’s it like using them for hours?

Performance and Features


Wear it on your neck and you’ll notice how lightweight it really is.  It doesn’t have any cushion against my skin but I soon forgot that it’s even there. The medium sized earbuds seem to work best for me, staying securely in my ear canals much of the time. They did a great job isolating my ears from ambient noise, though not as completely as actual noise-cancelling headphones. But like most in-ear buds without specialty tips, they tend to slip out when my ear canals got damp after an hour. After wearing them for another few hours my ears felt a little sore too.

CapTune App

You could use Sennheiser’s CapTune App as your main music player. It takes music from your stored local library or from Tidal’s popular music streaming service.

In the App, you’ll find EQ presets and manual settings, and a sleek music player with a customisable background. It even has a way of optimising the sound you’re getting from the Earbuds called ‘Soundcheck’.

Sadly, the App didn’t feel quite essential at all. All EQ settings are only saved in the App, and not in the earbuds. So when you’re using the M2s with other apps it reverts to its default sound signature.


Sound Quality

Having tried the Momentum M2s the CX 7.00 had some large shoes to fill, but it didn’t disappoint.

The CX 7.00s sounded sweet with a hearty serving of smooth and detailed mids and high registers, while managing to steer clear from sounding like sandpaper. It had a tight low-frequency signature that felt authoritative in all the right places.

It’s easily enjoyable whether I’m tapping to my life’s soundtracks or catching up on videos. Best of all, The CX 7’s signal processing was impressive. Its stereo imaging was crisp enveloping and accurate. Signal layering was also done quite well, with distinct near-field and background ambient sounds when I’m watching my videos.

In the brief time I spent with it, the CX 7s reminded me of how much I liked the Momentum M2 earbuds. Both of these are truly cut from the same cloth, where sound quality is concerned.

Battery Life

As with the Momentums, the CX 7s exceeded my expectations here. At 50% volume it handily thrashed the stated measure of 10 hours, crossing the finish line at roughly 15 hours 45 minutes.


The CX 7s support Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC quick pairing with compatible devices. I was able to smoothly pair the earbuds to my phone and iMac without any hiccups. Reception is strong and steady for up to 10 meters line-of-sight, free of signal drops. Watching videos on these are great too – audio and video were perfectly in synced, and sound quality was clean and detailed.


The CX 7.00 BT Wireless Earphones are a solid performer worth every bit of its S$239 price point. It may not have the Momentum M2’s (S$299) premium finish, but the CX 7s performance and sonic qualities are just as impressive. It is a safe purchase for audiophiles craving for satisfying audio at a reasonable price.

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