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Review: Secretlab Titan – The Big Gaming Chair

If you’ve ever spent a few hours playing PC or console games you’ll know exactly how painful sitting on a badly fitting chair can be, and this is why in the last few years Singapore gaming peripherals company Secretlab has been garnering positive international reviews for their range of sleek and ergonomic gaming chairs.

Now the Secretlab Titan is a bit different from your standard gaming chair, as it was created specifically for larger gamers! We took the chair for a spin (literally as you can see from our video) to test our how comfortable and durable (and fast) the Titan actually is!


Some assembly required

Titan components unboxed


The Titan requires about 30-45 minutes of assembling, depending on the D.I.Y. proficiency of the person assembling it. It took our somewhat less mechanically-inclined colleague just on 45 minutes to get it all together.

Fully assembled, the Titan is quite an impressive chair, and is taller than our ‘regular sized’ office chairs. The design is quite stealthy, with the capital ‘T’ on the central seat back, the Secretlab logo at the back and the words ‘Titan’ embroidered in thread, plus red stitching running down the side seams. The seat and back of the chair were created from molded foam and deliver a very firm and consistent pressure when sat upon, and is upholstered in 1.5mm thick polyurethane leather that’s tough, flexible and waterproof – so you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Durable enough to easily handle four guys sitting on it!


Fits bigger gamers

The Secretlab Titan was specifically designed for taller and larger gamers, and was created to provide an excellent seating experience for anyone up to 195cm in height and up to 130kg in weight, and has a lot of adjustment options for gamers to get the most ergonomic fit to your body contours, which makes a lot of sense as gamers tend to spend hours at a time sitting in their chair.

Adjustable Lumbar support

Starting off, the Titan is the first Secretlab chair to offer an integrated lumbar support through a dial on the right of the back rest. Secondly, the seat has a multi-function tilt mechanism so that you can adjust the seating angle of the entire chair – for example with a slight backwards ‘lean back’ tilt for more comfort. There’s also a lever on the right that you can pull to enable the seat-back to recline all the way back. Lastly the armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions (up & down, forward and back, and angled right or left) to fit your preference.


The sitting experience

Take note that as the Titan is specifically made for larger-sized people and can accommodate people up to 195cm in height and 130kg in weight. From personal experience the Titan is actually is not a comfortable chair to sit in if you’re around 168cm in height, as you’ll find that the seat length is too long – so you tend to sit too forward, and the cushioning feels too hard.


Our taller colleagues (those about 175cm and above), however, absolutely loved the Titan, simply because what is too long and too firm for us became just right for them and in fact one of our tall web developers happily spent ten hours a day over two weeks sitting in the Titan with no negative feedback!

The Secretlab Titan is available for S$549 at the Secretlab online store in Stealth, Amber and Tempo colour patterns.


Shawn Chung
The Editor

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