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Review + Giveaway: Philips Series 5000 Electric Shaver S5572/10

Philips Series 5000 Electric Shaver Wet and Dry S5572/10

SGD 199



Ease of use/maintainence




Additional features





  • Fits perfectly
  • Turbo + is handy
  • Good battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Great price on discount


  • Large shaving surface for small faces
  • Full price slightly steep

Philip’s Series 5000 electric shaver set brings high-end features and functionality at an affordable price. It comes in several different combinations of attachments and peripherals to enhance your shaving experience. Philips Singapore sent in a review unit of the S5572/10, which is a set that includes the SmartClean system, along with a SmartClick trimmer attachment.

The Philips Series 5000 Electric Shaver Wet and Dry S5572/10 set retails at an SRP of SGD 199 but can be had for less in one of the many deals currently available.

Out of the box, the S5572/10 comes with its charging cable, SmartClean dock with one cartridge filled with blue cleaning fluid, and a SmartClick trimmer attachment. Packaging was mostly cardboard, a great move for the environment.

In terms of ergonomics, the S5572 is perfectly sculpted and weighted in the hand. There’s no rattling or soft plastic bits, and feels premium from tip to tip. The front face of the shaver houses an unobtrusive, integrated digital readout that displays three bars of remaining battery life, along with an indicator for when it is time to give the unit a rinse.

The Philips S5572 with locking mode engaged. Three bars indicate that charging is complete. Image: Philips

The locking mode is accessed by holding both the power button and Turbo + button on the faceplate, but if you’re worried about accidental activations whilst in your baggage, the shaver comes with a hard plastic lid as a failsafe to prevent the S5572 from turning your belongings into ribbons whilst sitting on the baggage claim.

With an advertised 50-minute battery life, the S5572 did perfectly well on a single charge for almost two weeks of daily five-minute-plus shaving sessions, all with an intermittent usage of the Turbo + mode. The Turbo + mode juices the blades up with 20% more power, coming in especially handy when shaving off a few days’ worth of stubble. The S5572 would whine a higher pitch and would require fewer passes to achieve the same level of smoothness.

The cutting implement on the S5572 electric shaver consists of three rotary cutters that fit your facial contours with “five direction flex-heads”. These rotary cutters are arranged in a triangle, with each blade able to independently pivot in a single axis to cup and fit protrusions like your chin and jaw. These three blades connect to the main handle of the shaver via an additional pivot, allowing an exceptional degree of conformity for the trio of cutters.

These are a step up from the entry-level Philips Series 3000 shavers, which only allow for individual pivoting motions of each cutter.

I had enjoyed the free-floating cutter design of Philips’ other lower-end shavers, like that found on some of its AquaTouch models that allow for full independent movement of each cutter. However, these tended to be limited by how well I was able to follow the contours of my face. The full pivot under all three blades of the S5572 allowed the cutting implements to automatically deal with my facial ridges and recesses.

The Philips AquaTouch 600, a more affordable waterproof option that features dual cutters that are independently and freely pivoting. Image: Philips

I’ve got a pretty bony chin and jaw, and my previous electric shavers always required multiple passes to eliminate hairs just beneath the jawbone, in addition to completely missing ingrown or particular stubborn hairs at times.

With its more advanced contour-following system, the Series 5000 fits sharp angles and deep contours with ease. Of course, extensive manipulation with your off-hand to stretch the skin to expose the hairs for culling is still essential, along with rapid, circular movements.

I did, however, find the S5572’s three cutters slightly big for my tiny chin, as I struggled to fully implement the full surface area of the cutters for maximum keratin carnage. But that’s not that big a deal. Utilising the centre portions of the three cutters proved sufficiently effective.

The quick movements required for the shaving technique on rotary shavers means lubrication is essential for a good shaving experience. That’s where the SmartClean system comes in – essentially a bathtub for your shaver, it provides a powerful wash for the cutting heads with a proprietary potion that sanitises, refreshes, and lubricates them.

It also functions as a dock for your shaver. Inserting the shaver head-down into the device, and then pushing down the bottom cap on the base of its handle, you have to power on the SmartClean device that washes the head for a short few minutes. It then dries the cutters, before proceeding to charge your shaver.

Using the SmartClean dock for the S5572. Image: Philips

My only gripe with the SmartClean is that it’s mostly bulk if you choose not to use the expensive cartridges. The SmartClean cleaning cartridge retails at an SRP of SGD 29 for a pack of three, which isn’t a very cost-effective way to achieve an otherwise simple task. The head of the S5572 simply pops open with the push of a conveniently-located latch, allowing for convenient rinsing after each shaving session.

The head of the shaver easily pops right open at a push of a button. Image: Philips

Opting for the set without the SmartClean system saves you a couple of dollars, and lubrication can be managed with a wet shave with shaving cream or soap. With Philip’s AquaTec waterproofing on board, you’re able to shave over the sink, in the shower, or even in the bathtub. That also means thorough washing with soap is possible, although I’d caution those attempting a deep clean to thoroughly dry out their device before charging it.

The MultiPrecision Blade System, which is the assembly of cutting heads, are uniquely shaped, with different perforations that Philips claims are more adept at lifting hairs off skin to be cut, with its Super Lift & Cut Action. I found that with ample lubrication and with very clean skin, the toughest hairs simply disappeared with several quick sweeps. Ingrown hairs are best managed with an actual shaver, but going back to those was a quick reminder of how annoying shaver burn can be.

The SmartClick trimmer attachment is easily installed within seconds without tools. Image: Philips

The included SmartClick trimmer attachment easily replaces the regular tri-cutter shaving head with a firm and solid pull with no tools required. The shaver attachment is perfect for touching up sideburns and neatening up edges of facial hair, and benefits from the 20% boost from the Turbo + too. It’s great for small trimming jobs, and I wouldn’t venture to attempt any major buzz cuts with it.

Retailing at SGD 199, and for less when on discount, the Philips Series 5000 Electric Shaver Wet and Dry S5572/10 set is available at all major electronics stores and on online retail platforms.

We’re holding a giveaway! The winner walks away with the Philips Wet and Dry Electric shaver S5572/10, along with the Gentleman Shaving Kit that includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, shaving brush and post-shave gel worth SGD 200!

This giveaway limited to residents of Singapore, and all you have to do is post on their social media (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) why you think it’s time to upgrade your shaving experience! We will be looking out for the most creative post or image to award this cool price to. This competition will be open till 15th November 2018.

It’s nearing the holiday period, and the Shaving Kit would be a perfect gift for your loved one. If you’re intending to win it for a friend/loved one, you can tell us why your loved one needs to upgrade their shaving experience instead!

Here are a few simple rules and other guidelines:

  1. Posts on social media must be made public
  2. Posts should tag VR Zone (@vrzone on all platforms), along with Philips Singapore (@philipssg on Instagram and Twitter; @philipshomelivingsg on Facebook).
  3. Judging will be based on the text/image(s) posted.
  4. Cross-posting on multiple platforms is allowed.
  5. Likes” on these posts will be assessed per post per platform and factored into the judging criteria (50%)
  6. The remaining 50% will be judged based on creativity, originality and humour. Make us laugh and we’ll make sure your smiles are stubble-free.
  7. By participating in this giveaway, users agree to grant VR Zone and Philips Singapore the rights to share and repost their submissions for the competition.

Here are a few disclaimers:

  1. This giveaway competition is conducted independently. VR Zone does not represent Philips, Philips Singapore, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in this giveaway.
  2. VR Zone reserves all rights in the selection of the winner, and for any amendments to conditions, rules and guidelines.




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