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Review: The fast shooting Asus ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor

There’s a huge number of LCD PC monitors now available on the market, from very affordable 18-inch screens at around S$100 to massive 32-inch 4K UHD screens for more than $2,000! Choosing one to suit you can be a chore, especially with the recent trend of more specialised gaming monitors to suit specific objectives.

The Asus ROG Swift PG258Q is a perfect example of this specialisation. For most consumers, a 24.5-inch 1080P Full HD monitor going for S$1,099 is pretty expensive, and you can actually get similar sized 4K UHD gaming monitors for the same price, which doesn’t make sense to the average consumer. Do a bit of research on this panel, however, and you’ll discover that this ROG Swift PG258Q is specifically made to offer gamers the fastest, smoothest gaming visuals possible for eSports and fast-paced action games especially multiplayer First Person Shooters, where a laggy screen or slow refresh means that you’ll miss your shot, and get owned by your opposition – no matter if you’re playing from the comfort of your home or in an eSport arena.

Setting up the Asus ROG Swift PG258Q is pretty simple, although you have to take into account the asymmetrical layout of the legs on your desk. The monitor’s stand rotates on a central stand so it’s easy to swivel it to the side, tilt up or down and is height adjustable to suit your eye-line. The back of the monitor is little bit chunky however, with a ‘tech’ pattern on the back that harkens to a certain movie superhero’s power armour. A light plastic cover conceals the monitor ports which include power, HDMI, DisplayPort and two USB 3.0 ports to connect keyboards, mice and external drives to, and all cables can be threaded through a central cut-out in the monitor stand to keep your wires tidy.

Oh! One more detail is the customisable light signature cover that projects downward through the monitor’s base to the surface of your desktop, and there’s blank covers that you can use to create your own logo.

To perfectly tune your gaming experience, the ROG Swift PG258Q has a huge selection of features that you can customise, from PC settings to an on-monitor joystick and buttons that let you configure not just colour reproduction but also specific presets for watching movies to playing FPS games or RTS games. In your PC’s display settings you can enable NVIDIA G-Sync (providing your PC is using a Nvidia Graphics card, if not there’s a version that supports AMD FreeSync), which will perfectly sync the monitor to your NVIDIA GPU (via DisplayPort) to ensure there’s no tearing or lag in your visuals. It is also the fastest Full HD monitor available on the market, with a very fast 240Hz native refresh rate. Now if you like watching Full HD movies, they usually have a standard refresh rate of 60Hz, so when you watch these movies on a LCD screen set for 240Hz they can actually look a little unreal because every line and detail is pin sharp and you don’t see motion blur. We tried out Counterstrike: Global Offensive and it works especially well when you pan your aim around. The fast and clear speed really does make it easier to aim smoothly to head-shot an opponent versus using a 120Hz monitor.

For our second test we tried out the multiplayer online game World of Warships. Now this game boasts gorgeous graphics when you run it in 2K or 4K, but the ROG Swift PG258Q reproduced the graphics pretty decently (well at least all the damage my cruisers accumulated before sinking). More importantly, panning the expansive view was sharp and precise plus the screen was about the perfect size considering how close we were sitting to it – in this game it’s important to keep an eye on the map at the bottom left of the screen.


The Asus Swift ROG PG258Q is an excellent monitor for gamers who demand a very fast screen with sharp details. Where it lacks is in a bit of colour reproduction and you’ll probably have to spend a bit of time tuning the screen to your liking. For general everyday use its ok, but when online gaming amongst your buddies where a precise shot gives you bonus damage it’s really worth the money!

Asus ROG Swift PG258Q



Panel Size: Wide Screen 24.5″(62.23cm) 16:9 ratio

Panel Backlight / Type : TN

True Resolution : 1920×1080

Display Viewing Area(HxV) : 543.7 x 302.6 mm

Display Surface Non-glare

Pixel Pitch : 0.2832 x 0.2802mm

Brightness(Max) : 400 cd/㎡

Contrast Ratio (Max) : 1000:1

Viewing Angle (CR≧10) : 170°(H)/160°(V)

Response Time : 1ms (Gray to Gray)

Display Colors : 16.7M

Flicker free

Hotkeys: GamePlus, 5-way OSD Navigation Joystick, GameVisual

IO Ports: HDMI, DisplayPort, 2x USB 3.0 ports

Weight: 7.9kg

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