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Dyson is a brand we’ve all heard about, primarily for their uber vacuum cleaners, and while the British company has in recent years diversified their products towards bladeless fan air purifiers and hair dryers, their core business still revolves vacuum cleaners.

Dyson’s new V8 family of cordless vacuum cleaners is a significant update of the popular V6 series and comprises of two models with different accessories – the V8 Fluffy and V8 Absolute (which comes with an additional direct-drive cleaner head for deep cleaning carpets). With these accessories these cordless vacuum cleaners transform to suit your cleaning needs – from cleaning the floor to enabling you to reach up into a shelf or under the cushions of your sofa. Dyson has included post-motor HEPA filters to ensure that you don’t accidentally stir up harmful dust particles or germs while your cleaning your home.

Note: All Dyson V8 models come with the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) post-motor filter, which is only available on one model of the previous Dyson V6. HEPA-rated filters remove microscopic particulates down to 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.97%, and HEPA-equipped vacuum cleaners are very helpful for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Setting up a Dyson V8 Fluffy

It takes a couple of minutes to unpack and set-up the Dyson V8 Fluffy due to the range of accessories that it comes with. One of the most important things to consider, however, is where you’re going to store it. No use putting the set into a cupboard like a regular floor vacuum cleaner as you want to keep it charged at all times so you can just grab it and use it when there’s an emergency spill in your home. Like the V6, the V8 comes with a wall mount/accessory holder that you can set up near a power outlet to let you store and charge the cordless device – when you need to use it just swing it out a few degrees and undock.

The Dyson V8 Fluffy box is jammed packed with the accessories



Side-by-side with the Dyson V6 (DC62)

The VR Zone office actually has a Dyson DC62 cordless vacuum cleaner – an affordable version of the V6 Fluffy without a couple of accessories and the HEPA filter, but using the same V6 digital motor. As you can see from the image gallery below our rather well used D62 is a bit smaller than the new V8 Fluffy, and uses a different attachment system so you can’t swap accessories between the two.

The main improvements of the V8 Fluffy compared to the V6 are:

Battery runtime: is now up to 40 minutes, compared to 20 minutes on the V6 series machines, and there’s a new runtime indicator that gives you a better indication of when you need to recharge the vacuum. Dyson also states that the V8 uses fade-free nickel-cobalt-aluminium batteries to ensure suction starts strong and stays strong.

Digital Motor V8: The new V8 motor now runs at 425W compared to 350w on the V6, and has upgraded drive electronics and software. It’s also noticeably quieter – less high pitched during operation. Unlike the V6 Fluffy, the V8 has a power switch that lets you adjust the strength of the vacuum and how much power it uses up.

Dirt Ejector: Where the V6 has a switch just in front of the handgrip that pops the base of the bin open so that you can shake the device over a bin to clear it, the V8 uses a new, cleaner system with a latch located at the top of the vacuum. Pull the latch and the entire motor slides upwards so that a rubber collar slides down the shroud to clear it of dirt.

Cleaner Heads

Its not just the main vacuum body that’s been improved. The soft-roller cleaner head is capable of removing both fine dust and large debris at the same time – we tested it with baby powder and instant oatmeal and it handled both just fine – there’s apparently electrostatic carbon fibre filaments within the brush head that attracts fine dust particles. For the top of cupboards and fridges, there’s a new elbow joint tool that lets you get these dusty areas clean without having to resort to using a step ladder.


The Dyson V8 Fluffy is quite an improvement from the V6, with its doubled battery life making it easier to complete large jobs (like cleaning the living room carpets) before needing recharge.

Shawn Chung
The Editor

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