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Review: AKG K92 Headphones – Articulate Sound, Stunning Looks, Unbelievable Price

The AKG K92 Closed-Back Headphones were designed for semi-pro use in a recording studio, but they may actually make waves among audiophiles too. And no, it isn’t because of its fetching good looks. Read on to find out why.

Build Quality and Design

Despite having auditioned far more premium headphones, I fell in love with the K92 when I first set eyes on it. Is it the champagne-gold accents? The matt-black faceplate with vinyl groove detailing? Or simply the sum of its parts, perfectly matched to achieve that elegant feel.

Even the steel frame has been given the same champagne gold treatment. It isn’t collapsible but it does have a stretchable headband for that perfect fit, regardless of the size of your noggin. The cushions feel substantial and can be replaced should they fall victim to Singapore’s humid weather.


Possibly the only gripe I have with the head frame is that it does not fold inwards for easy storage. It also does not come with a case, which makes it a tad tricky to take outside.

The headphones come with a non-detachable cable, and a 6.3mm adapter for its standard 3.5mm audio jack. The cable is insanely long (I measured 3 meters/10 feet!) but I guess that’s appropriate for a studio, where monitor outputs aren’t always within reach.

Performance and Features


The cushions may feel stiff, but they are roomy enough for heat to dissipate well. The clamp was firm but not enough to cause any discomfort. These factors combined with the K92’s light weight made for a very comfortable pair of headphones. I was actually able to put them on for hours on end without taking them off.

Sound Quality

These are easily the best sounding headphones I’ve tried at this price. It was very hard for me to fault these. I liked its open sound, its ability to reveal minute details and the pacing from which it delivered peaks in my music. Bass extension sounded as effortless as the highs when I was enjoying Johnny Cash’s soulful cover of Hurt, his vocals full and coarse with age. My fingers tapped to tight claps of percussions delivered in the opening passage of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast. The K92’s spacious soundstage and butter-smooth articulation easily becomes essential for games and movies too. Clearly its performance to price ratio puts it over the top, closely matching other headphones that cost S$700-800!


But it only costs S$99 to own one of these! It may not be wireless, or have all those bells and whistles. There are some things I wish could be better, like better portability and a detachable (and shorter) cable. But if you approach these cans with an open mind, you’ll realise that the AKG K92s are so excellent in performance, build quality and price that it’s difficult not to highly recommend them.

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