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Reuters confirms Nokia phablet for September, Windows RT tablet also in the cards

Rumors of Nokia’s alleged first “phablet” have been coming our way left and right over the past few weeks, pretty much already setting its existence in stone. But if there was still someone who doubted a “Bandit” was imminent, all reluctance shall be shattered to pieces today.

Nokia phablet

Reuters, who I don’t think I have to tell you how reputable and reliable a source can be, has it on good authority Nokia will indeed be unveiling at least one “large-screen smartphone” sometime in September.

The news agency is of course reluctant to speculate on the exact release date of this larger than 5-incher or its specs and features, but thankfully we can always count on WP Central to fill in the blanks. According to the notorious blog, the yet to be named phablet will be introduced to the world in New York City on September 26 or 27 and will sport a 6-inch 1,080p screen, quad-core power, Windows Phone 8 with GDR3 and a 20 MP rear-facing PureView camera.

There’s nothing awfully surprising there and as a matter of fact nothing that we’re hearing for the first time, but again, it’s nice to get confirmation this beast exists from a source as trustworthy as Reuters.


Meanwhile, the rumors of a Nokia-made tablet are themselves getting traction, though I’m afraid the picture currently being painted is not all that promising or flattering. Specifically, we’re hearing the slate will run Windows RT (oh, come on, Nokia) while packing quad-core Snapdragon 800 power.

However, it has to be noted that this particular device hasn’t been “confirmed” by sources close to Reuters, so maybe, just maybe there’s still a chance Nokia’s execs will change their minds and either pre-load the tablet with full Windows 8 or forget about it altogether.

Who’s rooting for Nokia to knock it out of the park this fall? And who thinks the Finns should just quit Windows while they’re ahead and go for gold with Android before it’s too late?

Sources: Reuters and WP Central

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