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Retina iPad Mini 2 now rumored to land in October, mum’s the word on non-Retina model

I’m confused. In the space of just one week, we’ve heard the Retina display-boasting new iPad mini was delayed for 2014, a “lighter” model with “upgraded specs” but non-Retina screen was to come this year instead and now the variant that was supposed to be pushed back is no longer.


Pushed back, that is, with its commercial release still expected to happen in October of this year, which coincidentally will be 12 months after the launch of the first-gen iPad mini.

This latest piece of “news” comes from Digitimes, the notorious Taiwan-based online publication that has a mixed track record with similar rumors. This time, the website claims to have been in contact with LG Display, one of Apple’s main panel suppliers, which targets the shipping of about 2-3 million Retina screen units a month for the next-gen iPad mini “in preparation for Apple’s expected October release date”.

That sounds pretty clear-cut to me, so we should better go ahead and mark October 2013 in our calendars, right? Wrong.


It was also Digitimes that said the iPad mini might have been delayed for 2014 in the first place, according to “industry supply chain sources”. And that was just four days ago. Hence, we have no guarantees the site’s tipsters will not change their minds again a week, two or five from now.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder where the Retina iPad Mini’s possible fall 2013 release leaves the other rumored variant. You know, the one with “upgraded specs” but the same meager screen as its predecessor. I guess it could have never been real or it could still come along its cousin in October, as a lower-cost model.

The fifth-gen 9.7-inch iPad seems to be the only certainty in this entire tangled business, having as a vague ETA “the third quarter of 2013” (i.e. July-September).

Via [Digitimes]

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