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Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air apparently have 1GB of RAM

While Apple didn’t mention exactly how much RAM both iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini have, it is believed that the new tablets have 1GB of RAM hooked up with their 64 bit A7 chips.


Apple announced the new iPads at a media event on October 22. The iPad Air brings the much awaited design changes it was supposed to, and the Retina iPad mini brings the hotly anticipated Retina display it was expected to come with. Both tablets also have the same processor, Apple’s new 64 bit A7, which originally debuted last month with the iPhone 5S.

It has been revealed through a support chat with an Apple Customer Service representative that the new tablets are both likely to have 1GB of RAM like their predecessors. The screenshot shows how the representative was specifically asked for this information during the chat, which was revealed without any issues. This would mean that Apple has largely kept the internal power package the same on its high-end smartphone and both tablets. iPhone 5S too has a 64 bit A7 processor that’s aided by 1GB of RAM. It is only that once the new tablets are torn down that it can be said for sure exactly what RAM breathes under the hood.

Apple releases the iPad Air on November 1. Retina iPad Mini is also expected to be released next month, though the company is yet to provide a concrete release date.

Source: CTechCN

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