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Retina iPad Mini apparently displays fewer colors than the iPad Air

It has been concluded in an independent review of the Retina iPad Mini that it displays fewer colors than Apple’s iPad Air.


While to the untrained eye there might be no difference in the Retina display of the iPad Air and the second generation iPad mini, there are in fact quite a few differences. For example. the latter has a higher pixel density and is a lot sharper than the Air, however it shows less colors. This has been concluded in a review, which tests the color gamut of both the tablets. Color gamut is essentially the range of colors displayed on the device.

Customers who are unaware of what color gamut actually is might not base their purchase on it, but its interesting to note that the tests reveal Retina iPad mini’s color gamut to be lower than that of the NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 and the Google Nexus 7 tablets. They might be able to notice if they difference if they look hard enough, but its unlikely that the average consumer will be fettered by this discovery.

Though it goes without saying that the second generation iPad mini is definitely a big improvement over the previous generation, the display is a lot better on the new one. Customers who liked the previous tablet will find the Retina iPad mini to be a worthy tablet.

Source: Cult of Mac

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