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Retina iPad Mini 2 release in 2013 apparently delayed due to supply constraints

Apple was previously rumored to unveil the Retina iPad mini 2 later this month. A new report claims that the tablet might not be released this year due to supply constraints.


The iPad mini was first launched last year, the next model will be the second iteration of this tablet. Rumors have consistently claimed that Apple’s next generation iPad mini will come with a high resolution Retina Display, the kind customers find on the full-fledged iPad. It was rumored that both new iPads would be unveiled on October 15, but Reuters now reports that perhaps that might not happen, at least for the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display.

It is said that even if Apple releases the tablet this year, it will be available only in limited quantities be production for the Retina panels hasn’t been up to the mark. Apple’s certification of panel providers is said to be the cause of the delay, as manufacturers competing for the coveted Apple contract were given stringent power-saving requirements that their panels have to adhere to. LG Display Co., Samsung Electronics Co., and Sharp are all rumored to have been in the shortlist for said contract, though none of the manufacturers have confirmed as yet if they’re manufacturing the Retina Display panels for the iPad mini 2.

It is claimed in the report that Apple might delay the release until next year, at the cost of losing out the on the year-end holiday shopping season. There’s a possibility that the tablet might be made available later this year, though if that happens, supply is expected to be severely constrained. Apple hasn’t commented on this report and hasn’t even confirmed up till now if it plans on releasing a Retina Display touting iPad mini in the future.

Source: Reuters

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