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The retail version of Nintendo Switch’s Lego City Undercover requires a 13GB download

Lego City Undercover is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 4, and it now looks like physical copies of the game will need a 13GB download and an active internet connection. With the Switch coming with a paltry 32GB storage, the game will take up nearly a third of the internal storage of the console, and that’s after you picked up the retail cartridge.

A few choice comments from the Reddit thread:

This explains why the game size is listed as 7GB when the Wii U version was 19GB. 7GB on the cart plus 13GB download equals 20GB. This is also completely unacceptable. And will affect my purchase of the game.

The worst part about this is that I guarantee you can’t even play the game without having the cartridge in there. So you’re getting all of the negatives of a physical download aka taking up storage space, using bandwith to download game files, etc… etc… and none of the benefits aka don’t need to carry around the cartridge to play it.

And then there’s this one from u/sakipooh:

Are they out of their minds? So people buying physical to save on downloads and memory are still getting screwed?

I hope this doesn’t become a thing where publishers cheap out on the physical card size and force consumers to basically download the entire game.

“Here’s your 1MB cartridge… (just an access key)..now download the entire thing as though it was purely digital.”

Absolute B.S. for a company to dump this on the consumer to save on some cartridge profit margin.

There’s also the matter of the cost of the game itself. The port of Lego City Undercover includes a new co-op mode and remastered visuals, and as a result it is coming to the Switch at $59.99, not an ideal price for a game that initially debuted four years ago.

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