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Retail packaging for Xbox One accessories shows a lime green flair

In a recent Tweet, an employee from the UK retailer GAME has revealed the retail packaging for a few Xbox One accessories including the controller, headset, and play-and-charge kit–all of which are encased in lime green rather than the console’s previously established midnight black.

Xbox One Retail

The overseas retailer GAME has shed light on the official retail packaging that Microsoft has selected for its Xbox One accessories, showing a bright verdant shade that captures the eye.

Interestingly enough, the accessories are bordered by green console boxes that match the color scheme and form of the very first Xbox One ever assembled, which Microsoft revealed that they wouldn’t be introducing to the market. The green console boxes are most likely for promotional purposes only, as Microsoft featured the onyx-colored box in the official Xbox One unboxing video.

Compared to Sony’s elegant design for the PS4’s accessories, the Xbox One’s lime green does a good job in attracting your eye, but the only problem is that it doesn’t really keep it. Unlike the PS4 retail boxes, there are no accents or visual modifications featured on the XB1 accessory boxes and things are kept quite simplistic and basic.

Xbox One comparison
The retail Xbox One design (left) compared with the special lime green design attributed to the firstly assembled Xbox One (right).

Moreover the packaging appears to feature a picture of the contents rather than actually letting consumers see what’s inside, which is a step back from the current-gen accessory design. Whether or not the accessory retail boxes are for promo purposes hasn’t been determined, and it certainly would make sense based on their plain design.

Furthermore it will be interesting to see if Microsoft decides to institute the lime console box sometime in the future–maybe as a region-specific variation, but when it releases next month the Xbox One will be encapsulated in an obsidian box.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One console is scheduled to launch in multiple markets on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. Fore more information check out our recent coverage of hop on over to the Xbox Wire.

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