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Republic Wireless available to public – unlimited cellular for $19/month

Today, wireless provider Republic Wireless announced the formal launch of their low cost wireless service. With special VoIP WiFi/Cellular based technology, the company provides cheaper features at potentially superior quality. 


Plans for the new service are quite simple: unlimited everything for $19.00 a month.  Republic Wireless will now number among several popular low-cost MVNOs that operate on Sprint's cellular network, including Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile.

Republic Wireless is unique in the way that it will place phone calls. Rather than running them through traditional networks, calls placed through the service will be VoIP based, meaning that they will be transferred over the internet. Because of this, utilizing a technology that Republic Wireless has labelled 'Hybrid Calling', calls made with the service will be alternately placed over WiFi or cellular connections.

This hybrid technology could potentially increase quality of service, due to the large availability of WiFi networks, and their generally superior dependency and transfer rates. Obviously, this means that any phone used on the new service will need to be smart in some degree – those lacking WiFi capabilities cannot use the hybrid technology.

The first phone that will be available with the service is the Motorola Defy XT, and Android based smartphone supporting the Hybrid Calling feature. Republic Wireless announced that it later intends to offer a variant of the LG Optimus as well.

The Motorola Defy XT

For those interested in signing up for the service, the XT phone is now available for pre-order from the Republic Wireless website, at a cost of $249. A $10.00 startup fee is required, and one month of service. Republic Wireless has not yet announced when the device will ship.

Source: phonescoop

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