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Report: Samsung’s Gear VR headset revealed, will be modular and powered by Galaxy devices

It appears that Samsung is in sooth crafting a virtual reality headset, one that works in tandem with the company’s popular line of Galaxy devices.

Gear VR

Samsung’s virtual reality headset has been revealed as Gear VR, and the company plans to unveil the device along with the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014, SamMobile reported earlier today.

Gear VR will be modular instead of self-contained, and won’t come with a built-in screen. Instead it works in tandem with Galaxy devices via USB 3.0 connectivity to essentially mirror the functionality of Google’s ultra-cheap cardboard frame.

In lieu of sensors, Gear VR effectively taps virtual reality using the docked smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to track head motion and utilizes the high-quality AMOLED screens to deliver impressive visuals.

Samsung GEAR VR

Using the touchpad on the right side of the headset, users can toggle a see-through mode via the phone’s rear-facing camera to check their surroundings. This bit of innovation lets wearers seamlessly switch in-and-out of virtual reality without needing to slide up or remove the docked smartphone to see. In essence the headset lets users switch between virtual and augmented reality on-the-fly.

The headset’s design may lack Google Cardboard’s thriftiness, but it appears to be streamlined and comfortable thanks to its padding and adjustable elastic strap, and the lack of expensive sensors and screens will no-doubt save Samsung money in the long run.

Interestingly enough, Samsung is currently co-developing the Gear VR’s software alongside the recently Facebook acquired Oculus VR, however the Korean-based electronics giant is solely responsible for the headset’s design. Samsung throwing its hat into the virtual reality ring has kicked off a contention with Google Cardboard for supremacy in the emerging mobile VR market, but it may impact other renown peripherals like Sony’s PS4-ready Project Morpheus, the pioneering Oculus Rift, the innovative ANTVR Kit and Valve’s own Steam-powered VR prototype.

We’ll likely hear about new features when Samsung (possibly) unveils the headset at IFA 2014 in September, and it will be interesting to see how the device will take shape over the coming months.

Source: Sam Mobile

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