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Report: Production of AMD’s desktop Trinity APUs from March 2012

AMD's next-generation A-Series APUs for desktops are set to enter mass production in March 2012. First to production will be 65W APUs, to be branded A10-5700, A8-5500, A6-5400 and A4-5300 series. Higher performance 100W APUs will be produced two months later, from May 2012, branded as A10-5800 and A8-5600 series. 

Considering the 65W APUs go into production with a two months headstart, we can expect the 65W Trinity SKUs to release before their 100W counterparts. However, AMD may choose to hold out for a simultaneous release. Previous rumours suggested that Trinity may release before Ivy Bridge, but this report concludes a release around the same time-frame, if not later, than Ivy Bridge. 

New to the A-Series will be a new segment – A10, while the A8, A6 and A4 segments from Llano will continue. AMD expects improved supply for Trinity thanks to higher yields and greater number of wafer starts at GloFo's 32nm. The report did not mention details about Trinity's notebook release – arguably the most important market for Trinity. All information thus far suggests the market maintaining status-quo, with Intel retaining CPU performance leadership abd AMD continuing to offer far superior graphics and good price/performance ratio. 

Before Trinity releases, AMD's Llano range will see a final refresh with A8-3870K, A6-3670K,  A8-3820, A6-3620 and A4-3420 set to release in January 2012. 

Source: Xbitlabs

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