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Report: NVIDIA GK104 branding, specifications revealed

NVIDIA is preparing to release it's Kepler family of GPUs in Q2 2012, with GK104 being a crucial part of the family. GK104 will be the performance product, succeeding GF114 and GTX 560 in its various variants, and likely branded as GeForce GTX 660. 

GK104 impressively doubles up on GF114's core count to 768 CUDA cores – although Kepler shaders will be different from Fermi counterparts. Single precision performance is rated at above 2 Teraflops, twice that of GTX 560 Ti and over 50% higher than GTX 580. GK104 will continue to feature a 256-bit memory interface, but with frame buffer doubled to 2GB presumably at higher clocks. With everything increasing, unfortunately so does power consumption, to a TDP of 225W.  A GTX 660 Ti variant is also expected in the future. 

While the remaining details remain unknown, including Kepler's architectural peculiarities, GK104 or GTX 660 will most likely end up competing with AMD's Radeon HD 7970. NVIDIA is expected to start releasing its Kepler parts in early Q2 2012, as we had previously reported, with GK110 releasing first – presumably going up against AMD's New Zealand dual-Tahiti flagship. 

Source: Fudzilla

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