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Report claims Intel Skylake desktop CPUs may be delayed


New report coming in from motherboard supply chain sources are claiming that the desktop Intel Skylake chips may not be launched by Computex 2015 in June. Instead, the Skylake desktop CPUs are now rumored to launch by August this year.

According to Digitimes, Intel has informed its motherboard partners about the delay of the 14nm Skylake desktop processors and the corresponding 100-series chipsets. This delay will no doubt be bad news for manufactrers as they will need to change their production and shipment plans for the Haswell refresh as well as the Broadwell-U series products. This also means that we cannot expect to see any products based on the new Skylake desktop CPUs at Computex this year. Sources claim that this could negatively affect PC sales in the second half of the year. The only positive aspect of this delay will be the fact that it will help avoid overlapping sales with previous platforms. As you might know, Intel’s Broadwell microarchitecture based desktop CPUs are also expected to make their debut by the middle of the year.

The Skylake architecture based desktop CPUs will be manufactured on a 14nm fabrication process and will be paired with its companion 100-series chipsets. Skylake CPU lineup will have a TDP of up to 95W and will include processors with eight, six, four and two cores. The new chips will bring support for the latest DDR4 memory as well and offer significant performance upgrade over the previous generation CPUs.

Source: Digitimes


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