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Report claims Chinese hackers had access to advanced U.S. weapons systems


A recently published article by the Washington Post claims that a confidential report by the Pentagon says that Chinese hackers had access to top secret data on more than two-dozen highly advanced U.S. weapons systems.  Alarmingly, the report also suggests that the Department of Defense does not have the right technology “to defend with confidence against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.”

The Washington Post recently came forward claiming that a confidential report issued by the Pentagon warns that Chinese hackers had access to some very sensitive defense intelligence.  Some of the information included detailed plans for advanced US weapons.

Much of the accessed information included over two-dozen detailed document’s on U.S. defense systems, which included the F-35, intelligence on drone technology and missile defense systems.

It was further suggested that some of the weapons technologies that may have been copied are part of the Pentagon’s regional missile defense for Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf, which is also part of the advanced PAC-3 missile system.

Also included in the report are facts on important U.S. combat aircraft and naval ships, which include the F/A-18 fighter jet, the Black Hawk helicopter and the Littoral Combat ship used by the Navy to patrol shore lines.

The public version of the report titled, “Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat”, blames defense contractors for the hacks due to their lack of proper security.

Many contractors never knew hackers had infiltrated their systems until the Justice department began investigating the incidents.  Furthermore the report says that the U.S. department of Homeland Security does not have enough qualified staff on hand to help tackle the problem.  The department recently had an exodus of top security officials leaving, with four top officials resigning during the past four months alone.

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