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Report: AMD Radeon HD 7000 Prices

DonanimHaber has leaked preliminary pricing information for AMD's upcoming Southern Islands / Radeon HD 7000 series. The pricing covers Radeon HD 7650 at $119 to the dual-GPU 7990 flagship at over $700. In general, pricing for the entire HD 7000 range will be above the equivalent HD 6000 parts they are succeeding. 

The flagship will be HD 7990, a dual-GPU product based on two Tahiti chips. The pricing is expected to be above $700. The fastest single-GPU HD 7970 will be $499, with performance exceeding GTX 580 but below today's dual-GPU flagships – HD 6990 and GTX 590. HD 7950 rounds up the Tahiti range at $399. 

The most popular series is expected to be HD 7800, with HD 7870 at $299 and HD 7850 at $199. These price points are identical to the very popular HD 4800 series back in 2008. The mainstream HD 7600 series will be priced at $119 and $179 for HD 7650 and HD 7670 respectively. 

DonanimHaber suggests only Tahiti will use the GCN architecture, while all/most other HD 7000 GPUs will be based on VLIW-4. Tahiti will feature 384-bit memory – a novelty for AMD/ATI GPUs – tied to 3GB GDDR5. It will also support DirectX 11.1, which will release with Windows 8. However, there's no mention of whether the other HD 7000 GPUs will support DX 11.1.

The first HD 7000 products are expected to be announced at CeBIT 2012, with availability some time in January.  Needless to mention, such reports contain preliminary information and a lot of the details are likely to change before the final release. 

Source: DonanimHaber

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