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These are the most reliable hard drives, according to Backblaze

Every year, cloud storage service Backblaze takes a look at failure rates for the cluster of hard drives in its data centers. The service has been doing the same for four years now, with the latest numbers cataloging 73,563 hard drives.

From Backblaze’s findings, it’s easy to see that HGST drives are the least likely to fail, with Western Digitial’s drives prone to the most amount of failures. The service added three new drives in 2016 that didn’t see any failures at all — a 4TB Toshiba, 8TB HGST drive, and the more recent 8TB Seagate hard drive.

From the blog:

Failure Rate, in the context we use it, is more accurately described as the Annualized Failure Rate. It is computed based on Drive Days and Drive Failures, not on the Drive Count.

The total number of failed drives was 1,225 for the year. That’s 3.36 drive failures per day or about 5 drives per workday, a very manageable workload.

The overall hard drive failure rate for 2016 was 1.95%. That’s down from 2.47% in 2015 and well below the 6.39% failure rate for 2014.

If you’re interested in reading more, you should head down to Backblaze for a more detailed breakdown.

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