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Regasing a Prometeia or Vapochill

This is a simple guide to regasing your Prometeia or Vapochill. For refrigeration basics, you can refer to “Phase-Change Basics 1” and “Phase-Change Basics 2”

Regasing a Prometiea or Vapochill

To switch over to a different refrigerant on your Prometiea or Vapochill, you
will need to do some pipe cutting and brazing. For refrigeration basic
walkthroughs you can look at this and this. Spot the service port on your
compressor. There should be a pipe with an end crimped shut coming out from the
compressor. Cut off the crimped off part of the pipe slowly with a pipe cutter.
Try not to have your face near the pipe and once there is a small cut already
stop and let the refrigerant blow out. After the refrigerant has stopped blowing
out strongly, continue cutting the pipe and remove it.

Edit: In certain countries, letting out any refrigerant at all is illegal, even environmentally friendly ones, so you will need to use a piercing valve to capture the refrigerant instead!

Next, braze on a shraeder valve.

With a change of refrigerant, you may want to lengthen the capillary tube to get
even better temperatures.

Now you can vacuum and charge the system. A look at a pressure gauge:

Connect the left hose to the shraeder valve on the compressor. Make sure the
knob/valve on the right side is closed. Connect the middle hose to your vacuum
pump and start it up. Open up the knob/valve on the left hand side. This will
suck out the air and impurities. I would advise a minimum vacuum time of 1 hour.

After an hour is up, close the valve/knob. Disconnect middle hose from vacuum
pump and connect it to your tank of refrigerant. Open up the tank valve. At this
moment, you will need to know if your refrigerant needs to be liquid charge or
if it can be vapour charged. For those to be liquid charged such as R404A, you
will need to turn the tank upside down when charging.

The common refrigerants
used to charge Prommies and Vapochills are R22, R404A and R507.Open up the valve and the
refrigerant will flow in, though only open up the valve a little and charge the
system till around 30 PSI or so as seen from the gauge. Then you can turn on the
system and slowly put in refrigerant with the system running. Just put in the
refrigerant slow and easy, waiting between each gush of refrigerant for
temperature to stabilize. When the suction pipe that goes back to the compressor
feels cold, then you can start up your computer and put it under the highest
load it will be on. Continue to charge until the temperature of the evaporator
or CPU does not fall anymore. Then you can stop. Turn off the whole system, wait
till the pressure goes above 0 PSI then remove the hose from the shraeder valve
and replace the cap.

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