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Refreshed MacBook Air models expected tomorrow

The refreshed lineup is likely to come with a modest specification bump, no major changes are expected.


Apple is launching refreshed models of the Macbook Air tomorrow, according to sources in the know.

It certainly isn’t unusual for Apple to update its Mac hardware mid-way through the year. Often the changes aren’t major so they don’t require a proper launch event. Apple has announced the launch of new Mac hardware multiple times in the past simply through a press release. So it won’t surprise anyone if Apple does this tomorrow as well.

As far as the 2014 MacBook Air models are concerned, the 11-inch and 13-inch models are expected to tout the latest Intel Haswell processors. The improved hardware would obviously bring modest performance and battery life gains. Other than that, the company is expected to tweak storage options for both models. These are the only changes that Apple is expected to make, and it wouldn’t be wise to get hopes up for anything else.

It is important to note though that models expected to be released tomorrow won’t have anything to do with the purported 12-inch MacBook Air that Apple is reportedly working on. That particular notebook is expected to be ultra thin due to its fan-less architecture and it may even have a Retina display. Rumor has it that the 12-inch MacBook Air might not be launched until fall 2014.

The reason why this report seems plausible is because Apple is known for these routine Mac hardware refreshes. It won’t be out of the blue. We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to be absolutely sure.

Source: TechCrunch

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