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Red announces Hydrogen One holographic smartphone!

RED, or more correctly, the RED Digital Cinema Camera Company, has been a major force in digital cinematography since the company was founded by Jim Jannard (who also founded Oakley sunglasses) in 2005, so while the company’s announcement that it will be launching a ‘holographic smartphone’ has taken the tech media by surprise there’s few who doubt that RED will deliver on its amazing claims.

And what are these bold claims? Well according to RED, the Hydrogen One is a full featured multi-band Android Smartphone capable of displaying not only all traditional 2D content on its 5.7-inch ‘Professional Hydrogen Holographic Display’ but can seamlessly switch over to ‘holographic 4-View (H4V)’ content, stereo 3D content as well as 2d/3D VR, AR and MR (what this term means wasn’t explained) – all without the need to use any form of glasses or eyewear!


The teaser image shows a relatively sleek metallic device with a heaphone jack and USB Type-C port, plus what could be a ‘high-speed data bus’ connector (similar to what Motorola use on the Moto Z) to connect to a modular component system that RED promises will include attachments for shooting ‘higher quality motion’ and still images as well as holographic images.

Pretty much every other detail, such as processor and chipset specification, is still being kept secret by RED, and even those who plump down cash for the initial production batch, which RED lists as US$1,195 for aluminium and US$1,595 for titanium may have to pay more on delivery!

For more information, visit http://www.red.com/hydrogen



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