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Rumor: Rockstar will wipe all ‘GTA Online’ character data tomorrow

Update: In a recent support post, Rockstar Games has made it clear that they are not planning a server wipe for GTA Online characters, and that the Twitter discourse was indeed bogus:

“We did not post that and we are not doing a character reset.

“To get automatic emails whenever real news is posted about the issue of lost progress and the options we are looking into, please subscribe to: http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200435267-Loss-of-characters-rank-items-apartments-and-or-in-game-money-in-GTA-Online

If a recent Tweet is to believed, Rockstar Games is planning on enacting a server-wide global reset of all character data for Grand Theft Auto Online, wiping all of the in-game cash and Reputation Points earned by gamers thus far.

GTA Online

The Tweet itself comes from a Twitter user who has posted up a purported screenshot that details a one-on-one session he had with Rockstar Support:

The info is particularly suspect due to spelling errors seen within the screenshot–Rockstar Support is thorough in many things, spelling included.

Much like any mega-popular online-based game, GTA Online has had a rocky start, with the servers being overloaded and many gamers experiencing errors, bugs and various other glitches that inhibit gameplay.

To date Rockstar has issued various updates to help stabilize GTAO, however many users still report problems such as the disappearance of their cash, RP (Reputation Points, the in-game experience) and mission progress.

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Many gamers have run into the frustrating bug in GTAO wherein character data isn’t saved, which basically means that he has to restart the entire online mode from scratch every time as the data from missions and character development isn’t saved.

To “reconcile” this, Rockstar supposedly will respond with the server wipe–but players will still retain their earned cash upon the creation of a new character.

While a global wipe may be warranted due to the skewed playing field as not all gamers are able to connect–or even play–GTA V‘s online mode, it will certainly be disappointing to those gamers who have spent countless hours hammering away at the online missions and multiplayer gametypes.

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While Rockstar is well aware of the situation and is tirelessly working to fix the bugs and streamline the process, it might be some time until everything is as it should be. The experience varies from player to player, as some gamers are able to jump right into GTA Online without a hitch, whereas others are still playing singleplayer because of they’ve been spurned by the online mode.

In any case, if we do see a wipe and the reports are accurate, Rockstar’s wipe may be in vain if the saving bug continues to afflict the online community. Hopefully the devs will get things under control, but until then you might just want to practice driving and wreaking havoc in Story Mode for now.

The report suggests that GTA Online‘s global reset will begin tomorrow, Oct. 8 at 12PM EST. For a list of updates on GTA Online‘s status, be sure to check out Rockstar’s official forum page as well as our recent coverage for more info.

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