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Rebirth of a ‘Flappy Bird’? Viral gaming hit may bounce back on Android and iOS

In a very rare public appearance, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen revealed to Rolling Stone he’s “considering” bringing back the notorious mobile game to Google Play and Apple’s App Store at some point.


Many loved it, probably more loved to hate it, and possibly equally as many simply loathed it. But we all played it, at least once. And by once, I mean a thousand times in a row to get through a couple of those darned pipe sets. By the way, don’t be jealous, but I’m proud to say my high score currently stands at 10.

Anyhow, the untimely death of Flappy Bird was well documented and much debated last month, immediately leading to outlandish eBay auctions of used iPhones with the free (!!!) app installed, plus an onslaught of copies, rip-offs and “alternatives”, ultimately halted by Apple.

And just when you thought the Flappy craze was over, rumors of the game staging a comeback are fueled by official statements from Dong Nguyen. The developer apparently has no plans for a sequel, but the original may return (hopefully, still as a free download), with a fairly sensible message added inside its code: “Please take a break”.


Break? Sure, mom, let me just reach a score of, say, 100. How hard could it be? We all know the answer to that question, including Nguyen, who admits part of Flappy Bird’s charm is its perplexing difficulty.

As far as the controversial graphics go, he never denied they were meant as an homage to certain Nintendo titles, yet he continues to claim accusations of stealing code are unfounded. As for why he shockingly pulled the plug on the game in the first place, his version of the events remains the same.

The attention was killing him, he “couldn’t be happy” knowing people are addicted to Flappy Bird, blah blah blah. Let me guess, now that the money’s gone, he can live with a guilty conscience. Oh, well, if Mario’s clone homage does bounce back (pun intended), here’s an idea of how it can be improved (be sure to check out the clip until the very end):

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