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Real smartphone users have no brand loyalty

Tech pundits love nothing better than to brag about how their mobile device of choice is the best on the market and that it is either leading the pack or killing the leader. From the iPhone to the iPad, the Android smartphone to the Nexus the hyperbolae gushes forth like verbal diarrhea when in fact real people just want something which works for them.

We like to believe that when we go out an pick ourselves up a new smartphone or tablet that we are doing so with a fair modicum of knowledge, especially those of us that live in a tech-savvy world where others come to us looking for advice about what they should buy. There is no getting around the fact that we all have our own preferences and like to believe that those preferences only change when the technology changes rather than being swayed by marketing and peer pressure.

However brand loyal we like to think we are the reality is that "real-techie" type folks are a small minority of the buying public and as Accenture found out in a new study over 66% of smartphone and tablet buyers have no brand loyalty whatsoever. As they found out in the study 24 percent would switch just to see what else it out there, 23 percent would change if offered a better user experience, and another 23 percent would switch in a heartbeat if a newer system would give them access to more innovative services and applications.

In an email to VentureBeat managing director at Accenture, Kumu Puri said that overall there is no such thing as widespread loyalty among consumers when it comes to the operating systems used on their smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

For many, according to the Accenture study, the reason for switching boils down to simply curiosity along with lower costs, less hassle, higher security, and better syncing with of all things their in-car systems.

It turns out that about one-fifth of the study group are "strong users" only by coincidence and that they don't really have any preferred OS or don't care what operating system they have.

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