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Real or fake? High-res press render of Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 exposed

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 is in dire need of a refresh, being introduced to the world a full year ago, but the general opinion these days is we won’t be seeing a Note 10.1 2 anytime soon, but rather a jumbo-sized Note 12.2.

Galaxy Note 12.2

At first, that idea didn’t seem the brightest, as larger than 10-inch slates are still considered niche devices, but with Apple rumored to be working on an “iPad Maxi”, we wouldn’t want Samsung to feel left out, would we?

With only a couple of days to go until Samsung will hold its newest installment of the “Unpacked” show, a legit-looking press render of the Galaxy Note 12.2 has been unearthed and leaked to the press. The folks responsible for the scoop are the Koreans over at Move Player, who’ve been on a roll lately with leaks of this nature.

Of course, you can never be sure with such things, so even if I’m inclined to say this is the real deal, you should take the photo with caution and the proverbial pinch of salt.

Now, quick, what does the “Note 12.2” look like? It’s sort of a crossover between the Note 3 (or how we think the Note 3 will look), Galaxy S4 and… Sony’s Xperia tablets, ain’t it? True, but this new slate has a personality of its own and it’s one that you’ll either love or hate.

The overall feel of the device is very industrial or, if you will, manly, with a top part of the chassis that’s a tad thicker than the bottom half. The bezels are extremely narrow (kudos for that), but unfortunately the physical home button, along with the capacitive back and menu keys feel like a pretty hard blast from a Honeycomb-flavored past.

Oh, well, chances are the 12-incher will pack Exynos 5 Octa speed and sport a 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution display, in which case you’ll probably overlook its minor design flaws. Now if only Samsung could also slap a sensible price tag to this alleged Note 12.2. Wouldn’t that be something for the ages?

Source: Move Player

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