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Razer Partners Phillips Hue, Launches Nommo Speakers and Mamba Powered Wireless Mouse System

Razer and Philips Lighting has announced a partnership to provide a  new lighting experience for gamers. Gamers can now sync Philips Hue smart lighting with Razer Chroma-enabled devices. Your room can now match your Razer peripherals lighting easily. The lighting can be changed dynamically when playing compatible games, currently available on games like Overwatch and Quake Champions.

The collaboration between Razer and Philips Lighting allows dynamic lighting like this at your fingertips. Image: Razer

To make use of the sync capability, customers need a Philips Hue V2 bridge, Hue colour-capable lights and the latest Philips Hue app software. Gamers can then open up Razer Synapse 3 software (available through free update) and add Philips Hue functionality. Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang said the partnership will “transform the gaming experience in the home” by taking “gaming immersion to a whole new level.”

Another announcement by Razer is on a new speaker line for PC with Nommo, Nommo Chroma and Nommo Pro. The Nommo Pro is a THX certified, 2.1 speaker system with Dolby Virtual Speaker technology for total gaming immersion. The Nommo is a 2.0 speaker system aimed at gamers on a budget.

The Nommo Pro is sure to look as good as it sounds. Image: Razer

The Nommo speaker range features accurate positional audio using stereo imaging to ensure gamers know where the sound are coming from. The Pro comes with tweeters for enhanced highs  to provide extra details.

Razer Nommo Pro (US$499.99) speaker comes with Dupont Kevlar coated drivers for mids, silk-woven tweeters for highs and a downward-firing subwoofer for bass. It supports numerous inputs: USB, Optical, Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack. It also has a control pod to provide control and headphone jack. Razer Chroma is also included for that sweet 16.8 million colour choices. The Razer Nommo Pro is available at a later date.

The Nommo (US$99.99) packs less than its Pro brother with only glass fibre 3” driver and a bass port. it comes with Automatic Gain Control for bass control and adjust EQ settings for boosted clarity at lower bass levels. The Nommo only has a 3.5mm jack while the Chroma version comes with 16.8 million colours, USB connectivity, and built-in DAC (and US$50 more). Both are available now

Razer also announced the Razer Mamba Hyperflux, a battery-less wireless gaming mouse. The mouse is powered through Razer Firefly Hyperflux power mat. The Hyperflux technology involves having the mouse mat (or pad) to create a magnetic field that transfer power directly to the companion mouse instead of to a battery. There is no need for a battery through this method, making a lightweight mouse possible. This is in contrast with Logitech’s Powerplay technology which wirelessly charges the mouse but still require the use of battery. Razer CEO claims that “gamers are no longer held at the mercy of a battery or cable”, the pricing at US$249 may place gamers to be at the mercy of their wallet.

The Mamba Hyperflux is equipped with Razer’s Adaptive Frequency Technology to boost signal strength to provide signal stability between the mouse and computer. It has a 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor for swift and precise movements. The Firefly Hyperflux features two-sided surface with hard side for speedy mouse control and a cloth side for precision aiming in FPS. Obviously both mouse and mat comes with Razer Chroma lighting. The combo will be available in Q1 2018.

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