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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate (Mechanical Gaming Keyboard) Review


Beneath each key lies a mechanical switch made by a Germany company "Cherry Corporation" and boasts has a lifespan of 50 million presses. Razer has chosen to use the Cherry MX Blue switch which only requires 50 grams of force to actuate the key to give a crisp and clicky feedback. The low resistance/force of these switches make them well suited for fast touch typists, particularly those who are nostalgic for the sound of typewriters and terminal keyboards.

The BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard uses stabilizers for larger keys. This preserves the switch characteristics so you get a even feel from all the keys, including the larger ones.


With the Razer software, you can program every single key with a macro and disable keys.


Up to 10 unique application profiles can be created. One for each program or game. To toggle through the profile, simply press FN + 1 – 0 keys.


In this menu, you can also record macros using the On-The-Fly Macro function by pressing FN + Alt to start recording. Then press the keys that you want to record. After that simply press FN+Alt to stop the recording. Lastly press the key that you want the Macro to be binded to.

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