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Radiation-phobic? Try a radiation-proof iPhone 5 case

It may not have been substantially proven by evidence and (short-term) research, but there are nevertheless people who are still worried about mobile phone radiation. If you’re one of these people, then you might want to check out this new iPhone 5 case from Japan.


Design-wise, the bland, pure white/black theme of the “Radiation Minimizer Hard Case” (DN-84750) would most likely not catch anyone’s eye, however functionality-wise it may just be one of the better iPhone 5 cases ever made. This is because this specific iPhone case has been claimed to be almost mobile phone radiation proof, advertised to be capable of blocking almost 90% of all electromagnetic waves that may pass through your body through the unit.

The standard unicolor layer of the DN-84750 is actually a coating that uses the Nano Solid Surface Coating Technology (NSSCT). It stretches on both sides of the iPhone, on areas where your hands or head would usually be placed. The coating has been applied so that the antenna remains untouched, so don’t worry, your calls and other communication options and features are still preserved.

In addition to being able to potentially ease the minds of many cancer hypochondriacs out there, the DN-84750 is also claimed to be able to diffuse heat quite efficiently with its radiation shield, potentially prolonging the service life of an iPhone 5 by protecting certain heat-sensitive components, most notably the unit’s internal Li-ion battery.

The item is currently available in Japan with a price tag of 1,500 yen (15.2 USD).

Source: ASCII (JP)

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