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Quick Google Nexus 5 availability roundup: Play Store, Sprint, Verizon

Following a genuine rumor overload that was cut short almost a little too late, Google Nexus 5 cravers are unsurprisingly faced with an availability news overload less than 24 hours after the phone’s glamour-free formal intro.


Right as expected, the N5 went up for sale via Google’s Play Store almost immediately after its unveiling, only it appears LG has learned nothing from last year’s N4 stock woes. Either that, or demand is, pardon my French, too damn high.

In any case, Google Play’s US branch already shows the 16 GB black Nexus 5 as out of stock, whereas the version packing double the storage is backordered and shipping in two weeks, at the earliest.

Things are a little rosier in UK and German Play Stores, but with a hard emphasis on “little”, since, for instance, black N5s are going out “by November 8” in the Kingdom and 16 GB white models are one week delayed in Deutschland.


But wait, there’s more. More bad news, that is, as Google has officially confirmed there’s no Nexus 5 headed for Verizon. Ever. Oh, well, it’s certainly their loss, not ours. Besides, do you know any Nexus aficionados in their right minds keen on paying a premium for Big Red to slap their fugly logos on the fresh 5-incher’s sexy body? Exactly.

The third ominous tidbit is technically not directly related to the N5, albeit it has everything to do with it. The fellow’s predecessor, already discounted to an incredible $200, is “no longer available for sale” in at least five Play Stores, including the American and British branches, having little chance of ever coming back. It certainly was fun while it lasted, eh?

Finally, there is one little piece of good news to report too, as Sprint has made good on its promise, listing the latest and greatest “pure Google” device on pre-order. Available for $49.99 with two-year contracts, the handheld should leave the carrier’s warehouses come November 8 if everything goes according to plan. Fingers crossed, y’all.

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