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Qualcomm’s Toq is not coming to a store near you

Qualcomm’s Toq is a technology demo, not a product scheduled to be released as many believe, according to to the company’s President of Southeast Asia and Pacific.


In an interview with VR-Zone, Qualcomm’s President of Southeast Asia and Pacific, John Stefanac cleared up a few misconceptions about his company’s Toq smartwatch.

After the Toq was announced in early September at Qualcomm’s Uplinq conference, bloggers and reporters across the technology media sphere seemed to believe that the Toq was slated to directly take on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Apple’s not yet materialized iWatch.

But this is not the case.

According to Stefanac, Qualcomm’s Toq was merely built to demonstrate the potential of mirasol display and wireless charging technology amongst other things.

“We’re not trying to compete in the smartwatch space. We made an announcement last week of the Qualcomm Toq to showcase some technologies,” he said. “We’re not getting into the B2C business. The idea is that we’re showcasing a use case for mirasol, and wireless recharging.”

Edit: Qualcomm emailed to clarify that the Toq will have “have limited availability” sometime in the last quarter of 2013. While Toq is still a reference design, it will be sold in limited quantity to consumers as per a PR rep from Qualcomm. Qualcomm isn’t retracting Stefanac’s statement about “not getting into the B2C business” so don’t expect the Toq to compete on the same scale as the Galaxy Gear.

While Toq won’t be on store shelves anytime soon, the various technologies that Qualcomm is demonstrating in the device will make their way into a variety of gadgets. Most likely, Toq is something that OEMs will license parts of to build their own smartwatches and similar gear.

Check back later this week for more from VR-Zone’s interview with John Stefanac.

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