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Qualcomm’s Toq is only a tech demo, not a Galaxy Gear killer

Qualcomm is promising that the Toq will be available December 2 for $349, but this isn’t a smartwatch to take on the Galaxy Gear.


The blogosphere is abuzz today with news that Qualcomm is set to launch its Toq smartwatch on December 2 for $349.

While most blogs note that the smartwatch will only be available from Qualcomm’s online store, many are forgetting what the Toq exactly is.

Qualcomm is not planning for the Toq to take on the likes of the Galaxy Gear or Apple’s upcoming iWatch. All the Toq is is a limited release technology demo.

Qualcomm’s chairman and chief executive officer Paul E. Jacobs says it right here in the press release:

“The Toq smartwatch showcases key Qualcomm innovations, such as Mirasol always on low power display, AllJoyn interactions and WiPower LE wireless charging, that will define the emerging wearable category,” said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of Qualcomm. “Leveraging these and other industry-leading technologies, we and our partners will enable new product opportunities and consumer experiences.”

In September, Qualcomm’s President of Southeast Asia and Pacific, John Stefanac, cleared up some misconceptions about the Toq in an interview with VR-Zone when asked how Qualcomm was preparing the Toq to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Gear and iWatch.

“We’re not trying to compete in the smartwatch space. We made an announcement last week of the Qualcomm Toq to showcase some technologies,” he said. “We’re not getting into the B2C business. The idea is that we’re showcasing a use case for mirasol, and wireless recharging.”

So, what’s going on sale on December 2 is a mere technology demo. Qualcomm is hoping that people will buy the Toq so its potential smartphone manufacturing partners — customers of things like Mirasol — will be convinced to jump onboard.

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