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Qualcomm slithers into the smartwatch business with Toq

Qualcomm has officially entered the smartwatch game by announcing its own Toq smartwatch soon after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear at this year’s IFA in Berlin.


The Toq comes with a color touch display along with a touchpad, but unlike the Galaxy Gear’s 10 hour of battery life, the Toq has an estimated battery life of five days.  If you’re one of those that still wear watches to tell time (instead of using your phone), then you will know that 10 hours (or even 5 days for that matter) is well under the average charge lifetime of a dumbwatch.

As for the Toq’s smart-ness, it’ll have basically the same functionalities as the gear and those that came before.  People will be able to link the Toq up to an Android-based handset to check and respond to texts with pre-selected message, and some other extended functionalities like checking the weather via a dedicated widget.

Qualcomm hasn’t given an exact launch date for the Toq, but Time reports that the device will be available sometime at the end of this year for around $300 to $350.

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