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Qualcomm indirectly confirms Snapdragon 810 will be missing Galaxy S6 train

Revenues are expected to drop accordingly.

Snapdragon 810

Ah, the Snapdragon 810 overheating saga. The never-ending, doubt-riddled, succulent-if-not-tired controversy. Swept under the rug initially by Qualcomm, still unacknowledged and tabu, but as much a reality as the blue hue of the sky after more “inside” reports than we can count.

And today, for the first time, sanctioned by the mobile processor ecosystem’s undisputed champ. Of course, Qualcomm didn’t go so far as to confess and apologize to its clients (they probably did that away from the public eye), but reading between the lines of the company’s most recent financial report makes it a certainty.

Also a (near) certainty – “a large customer’s flagship device” will snub the S810 as a direct consequence of the production defects. That’s the “expectation”, at least, but at this point, it equals a sure thing.

After all, it’s likely way too late for Samsung to reconsider and replace the homebrewed Exynos 7420 inside the Galaxy S6. Or even keep the 7420 for some regional models, and nab the S810 as an “international” alternative.


Since Qualcomm doesn’t spell out the name of the “large customer”, it’s still entirely possible they mean HTC or maybe Sony. Not LG though, as they’ve stated time and time again the G Flex 2 is on track for a February launch with a fully working, cool as a cucumber Snapdragon 810 under the hood.

According to a number of tipsters, Samsung’s decision to halt (pause?) the Qualcomm collaboration may have had little to do with manufacturing flaws. Instead, it could simply be a case of sound business logic and increased competitiveness.

Whatever the cause, preliminary benchmarks suggest the flagship 64-bit octa-core Exynos is beefier than its Snapdragon counterpart. So it’s a win for mobile consumers if speculation pans out, and a massive loss for Qualcomm, which already adjusted its financial forecast for the second half of fiscal 2015.

Let’s not forget MediaTek’s prospective victory, given “heightened competition in China” is cited as another reason for the outlook alteration.

Source: The Verge

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