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Qualcomm demonstrates new networking technologies at Computex

Networking and semiconductor giant Qualcomm has demonstrated several new technologies at a press briefing at Computex.

First up is a series of 802.11 ac Wave 2 Wireless technologies and chip-sets that promise to greatly improve throughput in crowded WiFi environments.  By combining MU-MIMO solutions, 160Mhz channels and 4×4 Antenna configurations, Qualcomm believes it can achieve up to 3 times faster 802.11ac connections.

We certainly welcome new WiFI technologies given the increasingly crowded public spectrums and numbers of devices in a home, to say nothing of crowded business environments. Applications such as Wireless HD wil take all the bandwidth they can get. Qualcomm says vendors such as TP-Link are already incorporating these new technologies into their upcoming products.


The company also revealed a new industry first hybrid 802.11ac and HomePlug powerline extender technology. This kind of technology makes perfect sense as it avoids any WiFi weak zones or dead spots that often occur over distances or between walls or floors. While the effective use of power lines as network cables is not new, using them to create a wireless hotspot is. We look forward to seeing how the market reacts to this kind of networking solution.

The 3rd major announcement from Qualcomm was their partnership with Allwinner Technology, a Chinese tablet manufacturer, to expand their lines with Snapdragon 4G LTE processors. Allwinner’s low cost Android tablets will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 and 210 chips. While Qualcomm processors are known to be prevalent in smartphones, they are not as common in tablets and mobile computing applications, so this new partnership could be very lucrative by providing access to the difficult to penetrate and ever expanding Chinese market.




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