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Qualcomm debunks Snapdragon 810 delay rumors, claims ‘1H 2015’ release is ‘on track’

Sounds like good news, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – H1 2015 wraps up more than six months from now.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

When Apple made the abrupt switch from 32 to 64-bit mobile processing, no one suffered as much as Qualcomm did. Not Samsung, not LG, HTC, Intel or MediaTek. The ARM-based CPU king found itself under deep pressure to deliver a technology deemed too immature and tricky for present-day smartphones.

The San Diego-headquartered semiconductor designer had little choice but to crank up its evolution efforts, and with a significant delay, Qualcomm introduced its first ever 64-bit mobile SoC earlier this year.

Only the Snapdragon 410 was hardly a match for Apple’s A7 and A8 powerhouses, having as target the mid-priced, mid-end market segment. Up next, the first-rate, potent S810 should see daylight. The million-dollar question is when?

Qualcomm never pinned down a precise timeframe for the flagship’s launch, vaguely hinting “H1 2015” availability. Depressing reports then came to light, calling for a setback caused by puzzling overheating concerns at high clock speeds.

Snapdragon 810

No new ETA was advanced, but it started to seem plausible highly anticipated 2015 handhelds such as Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Sony’s Xperia Z4 or HTC’s “Hima” would need to look elsewhere for their on-board processing solutions.

Now, Qualcomm says “everything with Snapdragon 810 remains on track and we expect commercial devices to be available in 1H 2015.” Great, but that still doesn’t settle it. Will high-end Androids slated for CES and MWC announcements be able to accommodate the S810? And if so, will they hit the market by, say, April? After all, “1H” lasts from January to June. June 30, to be exact.

It’s also worth mentioning Qualcomm didn’t deny the thermal woe speculation, insisting they don’t comment on rumors. Yeah, especially damaging rumors with a grain of truth to them. All in all, let’s hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That’s often the wisest approach.

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