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Qin Shi Huang will be China’s Playable Character in Civilization VI


Nation states will be the playable territories in Civilisation and Qin Shi Huang, the renowned ruthless leader 0f China, will be your character, should you choose to forge a legacy as a the first Chinese emperor.

Special Unit: Crouching Tiger Cannon

If you didn’t already know it, gunpowder was first discovered in China around 9th Century AD. Despite its initial use for fireworks and celebrations, it was developed into a military staple soon after. Hence,  the “Crouching Tiger” was invented, a prototype cannon that was to be used throughout China in 1368 and even as late as 1592.

Unique Improvement: Great Wall

In Civilization V, you can choose to construct the Great Wall Wonder; but in Civilization VI, the Great Wall is a unique improvement only players who choose to control China can use.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, will launch on Oct 21st for Windows PC and keep following us for more updates.


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