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Q1 2015 smartphone sales: Sony sinks out of global top 10, Samsung reigns supreme

Another market report has Samsung comfortably beating Apple, with Lenovo in third and LG, ZTE and Vivo the quarter’s biggest risers.

Samsung king

Cupertino may want to frame all the Q4 2014 tables and charts showing it tied with Samsung or narrowly ahead of its Korean arch-rival in total worldwide handheld unit shipments. The ensuing three months saw things get back on track for the Galaxy architects, and Tim Cook & co. are unlikely to regain gold very soon.

Even without the sizzling hot GS6 and S6 Edge, which rolled out in stores April 10, the January – March timeframe saw Samsung substantially boost its share numbers, from 20.1 to 24.3 percent. In actual sales, that translates to nearly 83 million smartphones, a whopping 21M north of Q1 2015 iPhone digits.

According to “manufacturer and industry data” gathered by TomiAhonen Consulting Analysis, a research firm founded by a reputable former Nokia executive, Apple lost a vexing 2.2 percent of its slice of the pie this beginning of the year, now trailing Samsung by a huge 6.4 points. Care to venture a guess where the gap might go when the metal-and-glass new Galaxy flagships enter the picture?

Up, obviously, although Ahonen seems to uphold recent speculation the S6 pair isn’t doing as well as expected at the box-office due chiefly to waterproofing, removable battery and microSD card slot snubbing.


Meanwhile, LG was really the only other semi-relevant OEM to elevate its share between Q4 and Q1, from 4.2 to 4.5 percent. As such, it’s no surprise the G3 producers leapt from number seven to five in the manufacturer ranks. If the G4 catches on, the podium is clearly theirs.

For the time being, Lenovo has the bronze medal loosely attached to its fresh Motorola joint venture, whereas Huawei settles for fourth… at least until the Nexus 6 sequel comes to light.

Xiaomi, ZTE, Coolpad, TCL/Alcatel and, surprise, surprise, Vivo wrap up the top ten, with Sony predictably out of the leading picture and Microsoft incapable of gaining legit relevance.

Sorry, Japanese and American brands, but China rules the mobile universe now (alongside Korea), and there’s no stopping the Lenovo – Huawei – Xiaomi – ZTE – Coolpad – TCL – Vivo army. And Meizu, Oppo and OnePlus, to only name a few, are pursuing their world domination dreams as well.

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