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Purported Sony Xperia Z2 Compact clears FCC under codename ‘Altair’

A mysterious Sony-made smartphone likely headed to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo has scored FCC certification, and all signs point to it being the precocious follow-up to the Xperia Z1 f, known internationally as the Z1 Compact.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Between Z2’s component shortages and staggered release and Xperia Z1 Compact’s still tender age, you’d probably think Z2 Compact development is the least of Sony’s concerns these days. After all, not only is the Z1 Compact young, it’s also by far the best diminutive version of a flagship Android handheld.

Then again, with competition the way it is and breathtaking technological advancements always around the corner, it’s never smart to relax and rest on your laurels. Hence, it’s no surprise the Z2 Compact is indeed in the works already, and may roll out in the “Land of the Rising Sun” by summer.

Think about it, the Z1 Compact did barely break cover this January, but the Japan-exclusive Xperia Z1 f came to light last October, commanding a sequel in nine months, give or take. Now, sure, we’re not 100 percent certain the SO-04F, aka “Altair”, spotted at the FCC, is the Z2 Compact, or, I don’t know, the Z1 f2.

Xperia Z2 Compact

But it clearly fits the profile. The model number is tied with SO-01F (NTT DoCoMo’s Xperia Z1) and SO-02F (the Z1 f), plus the product dimensions – 127.6 mm height and 65.5 mm width – suggest a 4.3-inch display is in the cards.

The plot thickens even more when considering an Asian component retailer called Moumantai currently lists an SO-04F back cover which looks nearly identical to Z1 Compact’s rear, G Lens branding included.

Too bad no one has the scoop on specifications yet, and we’re left guessing. Quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip, 3 GB RAM, 20.7 MP main camera, 2,400 mAh battery is my prediction. Anyone else care to weigh in with some guesswork? The comments section is all yours.

Sources: Xperia Blog, FCC

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