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Purported new Droid twosome, 2015 Moto G and X pose for family photo

In all likelihood, the two Droids are meant as Verizon-specific variants of the third-generation Motorola Moto X and G.

Motorola 2015 lineup

Still wondering exactly what might Big Red’s plans be for Lenovo-manufactured new Moto handhelds? After all, the latest information spills on that front have been abundant… and confusing, and it sure doesn’t help the largest wireless network in the US followed up the Droid Ultra – Maxx – Mini trio with a single Turbo last year.

We were always under the impression the 2014 big-battery 5.2 incher was highly desirable for Android power users, but believe it or not, VZW may actually scrap the Turbo line before it could become a franchise, and essentially go back to a Mini – Ultra release scheme.

That’s at least what we can glean from a 2015 family portrait illicitly posted on Facebook by Hellomotohk, which stars a Droid Mini sequel of sorts, the already oft-pictured Moto G (3rd Gen), a separate “New Droid” and the highly anticipated Moto X (3rd Gen).

It’s of course possible the Turbo 2 simply didn’t make the pic, or perhaps the larger Droid on 2015 X’s left will act as the upgraded battery powerhouse we so badly need. But it’s much more likely the original Turbo is kept around (it’s still pretty impressive), and that 5.2-inch or so Verizon phone certainly resembles the new X, down to the not-so-chunky figure.

As far as this year’s “Mini” is concerned, it’s probably following phablet-favoring trends, with a screen diagonal in the third-gen G’s ballpark, i.e. 5 inches. The specifications might be its only truly diminutive aspect, including decidedly mid-range stuff like 720p display resolution, 1 or 2 GB RAM, 8/16 GB storage options, 13 and 5 MP cams and quad-core Snapdragon 410 SoC.

Visually, rear patterns should help you easily distinguish between Droids on one side and X and G family members on the other. Meanwhile, the metallic (or metal-like) doohickeys holding the cameras and dimpled M logos together emphasize all these four devices have the same roots.

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