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Purported iPhone 5S packaging ‘confirms’ moniker and 128GB model

As Apple’s expected release date for the next generation iPhone comes close, the rumors start to escalate. Sources from the Far East have leaked pictures of the purported iPhone 5S packaging, which “confirms” a number of things we’ve previously heard about the device.


Let us first tackle the moniker. Ever since iPhone 3GS was released, Apple has released a new iPhone every alternate year with the “S” attached. These iPhones models don’t come with any design changes, majority of the upgrades are made under the hood. Since Apple released iPhone 5 last year, which brought a new design. It is based on the company’s history that most people widely believe that 2013’s iPhone will be called iPhone 5S, regardless of the fact that Apple hasn’t confirmed what it intends on calling its next iPhone.


These leaked pictures of the purported iPhone 5S packaging shows that the device will indeed be called what most people already expect. It also claims that a 128GB model will also be offered. A well known analyst recently predicted that Apple will offer a 128GB iPhone 5S model, if this packaging is the real deal, then we will definitely be seeing this model go on sale later next month.

Still, there’s no way of actually confirming that this packaging is real. There exists a possibility that it might be fake. Apart from offering the increase storage option, Apple is also expected to offer a gold color option for the next generation iPhone, for the first time ever.

Source: [Newcellphonesblog]

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