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Purported iPhone 5S display assembly fits previously leaked logic board

Yesterday we reported that an alleged iPhone 5S logic board had been spotted, the component hinted that perhaps Apple’s next generation iPhone will not have major design changes and that it might not feature the company’s next generation A7 processor. Today a purported iPhone 5S display assembly has leaked, and it fits the logic board that supposedly belongs to this smartphone.


These low resolution pictures of this alleged iPhone 5S display assembly have apparently been received from a supplier. The images don’t hint at any significant changes for the assembly itself, but it has been claimed that the logic board we featured yesterday fits with this component. What this could mean is that iPhone 5S might not be a lot different than its predecessor. It won’t exactly come as a surprise, the iPhones that Apple has released with “S”monikers have always featured nominal improvements with no major focus on design.


The display assemblies of both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 have a pair of flex cable connectors at the top, they support the display and the digitizer that registers touch input. In iPhone 5’s display assembly, both connectors correspond horizontally with the logic board. Whereas on this purported iPhone 5S display assembly, one connector is oriented vertically and the other horizontally, this matches it with the logic board that has previously been leaked.

These parts supposedly belong to the next generation iPhone, they aren’t set in stone, so its possible that the final product may be different from what we speculate based on these components. Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5S this September.

Source: [Macrumors]

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