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Purported iPhone 5S batteries pictured on the production line

Earlier today a picture of purported iPhone 5S batteries was posted online, the pictured shows these batteries on the production line, leading many of believe that mass production of Apple’s next iPhone has begun.


Just last week another alleged picture from the production line popped up, it showed iPhone 5S display assembly, which was quite similar to the assembly component that has already been leaked. There’s no way of being certain that all of these components actually belong to Apple’s new iPhone, but leaks in the company’s supply chain are possible, and we’ve seen the exact same thing happening before as well, for previous products.

Originally posted by Nowhereelse, the purported iPhone 5S batteries in this picture don’t contain any markings that indicate which device these batteries are for. It is believed that the iPhone 5S battery is going to offer a minimal increase in capacity as compared to the iPhone 5, which has a 1,330 mAh battery. A prototype iPhone 5S, believed to have been assembled in December 2012, contained one such battery with a capacity of 1,560 mAh.

As soon as a new iPhone is unveiled, millions of people line up to pre-order and purchase them. Apple expects to ship its smartphone in insane numbers after launch, so ramping up mass production right now makes sense in order to get all those units ready for the September launch time frame of the iPhone 5S.

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